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Alteration Service

Alteration Services in Nottingham

Shamsa Designs provides high quality alteration service for jeans, trouser, formal trouser, shirts, jacket, wedding dress, party dress, shalwar kameez, saree blouse, skirt and all other clothes.

Readymade clothes are made with standard patterns and not necessarily properly fit to everyone. Very expensive clothes may not make you look smart unless they properly fit to you. On other occasions, due to change in body measurements, clothes may become loose or tight and make you uncomfortable. There are numerous other situations when you want your clothes to be altered to fit you properly. At Shamsa Designs , we can alter your clothes according to your requirements and body measurements. We understand the importance of properly fit clothes. Therefore we take great care and consult you at every stage while altering your clothes.

Shamsa Designs specialises in following alteration services ;

Formal suit Jackets Alteration & Repair:

We prvide waist take-in, shortening, sleaves shortening, length shortening and other fitting services for formal suit jackets.

Formal trousers Alteration & Repair:

Shamsa Designs provide trousers shortening, tappering, wasit shortening & fitting, fitting of baggy trousers and zip replacement.

Shirts Alteration & Repair:

Shamsa Designs has experties in shirt fitting, sleaves shortening, length shortening and other fitting requirements.

Skirts Alteration & Repair:

Shamsa Designs provides skirt waist shortening, length shortening, hook & eye fitting, zip replacement, skirt repairing service.

Casual Jackets Alteration & Repair:

We provide alteration, fitting and repair services for casual jackets.

Jeans & Chinos Alteration & Repair:

Shamsa Designs have experties in alteration, repair & fitting of jeans and chinos. We provide jeans shortening, tappering, waist take-in, fitting baggy jeans and chinos and zip replacement.

Prom and party dresses Alteration & Repair:

Shamsa Designs provide high quality alteration & repair services of all types of womenwear. We provide take-in, shoertening, loosening, fitting and zip replacement service for prom dress, party dress, maxi dress, jump suite and other womenwear.

Indian, Pakistani, Srilankan & Bangladeshi Womenswear Alteration & Repair:

We specialise in Indian, Pakistani, Srilankan and Bangladeshi womenswear. We provide shortening, loosening, fitting, zip replacement, for saree blouse, ready to wear saree fitting, lehanga, shalwar kameez, abays, churidar, Patiala shalwar and all other dresses.


Lead time for alterations and repairs is from same day service upto a week depending on the nature of the work.

To discuss your requirements, dress related issues or book an appointment to place your order, please feel free to contact us on 07737586924, e-mail to info@shamsadesigns.co.uk or click here to send a message.

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