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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions and their answers which are frequesntly asked by our customers;

Q1. How can I take my accurate measurements to place an order ?

Best way is to visit us and have your measurements taken by us. This will avoid any inaccuracies. You can send us an already stitched dress as sample. However this still have chances of inaccuracies in sample dress being transferred to new dress. Therefore we stress on fresh measurements taken us

Q2. Is this correct that some types of fabrics need a wash to prevent shrinking after stitching?

Yes, that's true. Some fabrics shrink when washed first time. Any shrinkage after stitching will cause the dress being shortened. To avoid this, fabric needs a dip in water for few minutes before cutting.

Q3. What is your delivery lead time ?

Well, lead time depends on the nature of the job. For most alterations and repair work, lead time is from same day up to a week. Lead time for tailoring new dresses is between 4 and 6 weeks. However we shall let you know expected delivery date when we accept your order.

Q4. Do you provide urgent alterations and tailoring services?

We do provide urgent alterations & repair services. However, currently urgent service for tailoring new dresses is not available.

Q5. How much do you charge for alteration and tailoring a dress?

Our rates depends on style, design and complexity of work. There are numerous styles and designs of dresses and every dress will take different amount of time, therefore it is not possible to give a fix price for all. However be assured that our rates and very competitive


If you need to ask anything else please email info@shamsadesigns.co.uk or call 07737586924